We are a group of radio and music enthusiasts from the roof of the world, Båtsfjord, Northern Norway.

We have cultivated music in several forms all our lives. Through Radio gagga, we want to continue our interest for radio and music on a new medium. We will learn first, before we unleash the radio site officially to the whole globe.

You are more than welcome to Radio Gagga

Future plans for Radio Gagga

We believe in the expression: The road is made as one walks….

The main goal of the project Radio Gagga is to delight listeners of Radio Gagga while we have fun.

We will further develop the goal of making radio Gagga from an amateur web radio to a commercially run radio station. How far this can take is highly uncertain. Until we can compete with the best web radios in the world with technology and content, we have the following sub-goals on the way:

-Sub-goal 1, is to learn as much as possible about running web radio. Gather experience and knowledge and that we look at what others are doing. Help us if we have forgotten something important in the learning phase. We thank you in principle for all the help we can get.

-Sub-goal 2 is to master technology, software, studio equipment and aids for sound broadcasting.

-Sub-goal 3 is to develop an exciting Homepage: Here, interesting content and ongoing content production. We are also considering opening a FB page with «Radio Gagga» when the time comes. We currently do not have the capacity for content production and ongoing responses to requests, points of view, angry and happy comments that a FB page requires. We hope to have an FB in place before the summer of this year.

-Sub-goal 4, develop a broadcasting schedule of a maximum of 3 evenings a week with content and type of music that pleases and creates commitment and interest from new radio listeners. This is not done alone in a vacuum. It is important to have an ongoing dialogue with target groups and listeners. Shat function with feedback becomes an important communication tool.

-Sub-goal 5, Start regular broadcasts with today’s software before the summer Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday, (between 6PM and 10 PM) as an amateur radio station. All licenses for the use of music by the rights holders must be clarified before the first broadcast.


If we are ready for commercialization after a critical self-evaluation, in the autumn of 2024, a lot of planning and work remains before we are in a commercial phase.

Radio Gagga and all other web radios have operating costs that must be covered. Until commercialisation, these costs are paid by funders. Ownership of the radio channel is also an open question.

We have also not clarified or taken a position on membership, sponsorship opportunities or anything else at this stage.

Already today, there is a large arsenal of ideas and plans for content in the broadcasts that the web radio plans. There are also clear ideas about content on the website of Radio Gagga. All this is released step by step through publication and updating of the website.

Funders have several commercial ideas that can generate income for Radio Gagga. We choose to keep these ideas and plans confidential until they are realized for competitive reasons. We dare to share that the target groups for the web radio are located throughout the Nordic countries – Scandinavia, the Baltics in the first instance.

In any case, the principles of competition are always as follows: if someone copies our ideas here, we will develop new ones that are better than the previous one. We therefore do not fear healthy competition.

Not only ideas about income and content are important. How we organize the web radio becomes equally important.

We must also look at better technical solutions for a commercial radio station. Here, too, we have clear ideas and solutions as well as access to professional experts to ensure the best possible technical solutions.

We who have this as a daily pleasure have not yet decided in which country the web radio should choose as a fixed base. Riga or Benidorm? Trondheim or Vilnius/Tallinn? Time will tell where the final main base is laid. A distributed solution can also be a solution with the technical challenges this can cause.

We will update this page continuously. We welcome all contributions that can make Radio Gagga the best possible, content and technologically.

If you have tips and ideas for commercialisation, income and content in program selection, you are more than welcome to share this with us.

If you want to participate actively in daily operations and have ideas about your own programs, get in touch and we will get back to you quickly.

All requests, sharing of advice, rice, praise and ideas can be sent to the provisional email address: geir.reiersen@outlook.com

Thank you in advance for your understanding