Gagga test Sunday 7 January.

This test crashed before we got on the air! The IP address is now dynamic from Telenor, must be static. Phone to Telenor tomorrow…
Sorry. Have a great evening everyone.

We go to the music archive and use what we can get our hands on. First up is Tony. Two tracks that suggest a lot of break music in between the beats. Sends approximately until 21.30

Have invited Eilert Ottem, Musikk Quis the king himself, no one below, above or beside. It would be fun to get some music quiz programs in collaboration with Eilert.

In Riga we have a listener, Arturs, who helps me with the music plugin player and the software. Wish to have with Arturs in the future. Need everyone who wants to join.

Truls Nilsen and Leif Arne Rotnes sit in Benidorm, with tears in their eyes…

Remember you can use the chat function here to comment.

Have the sound card in place next week. So the next broadcast will be with full equipment including a radio voice you only find in old Leif Holm films….

Everything is possible, it all depends on ourselves. Want you all on the team in one way or another!


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